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Together Again:

The Dance

"The world is calling you away
And your leaving was just a way
of staying with what you'd come to say

This pain is a poem
Slowly written
Torn from the book
and cast into a corner where
no one could look

This rage for all to see
caught fire and burned all around me
til there was nothing left to burn

Now I stand alone in these attic bones
And re~read that poem
all yellowed with age

Tears heal such as healing is
So I cast that page into the ashes
And there is no blame
Only shades of regret
And those too will forget
As the world calls me away"

-[Lindsey] The Dance Poem


And I said, 'OK, we'll do it.'"

-[Lindsey] Microsoft Music Central


"One thing led to another and suddenly we were all up in the Control Room saying, 'Gee, this feels pretty good.' Isn't that weird?"

-[Lindsey] VH1 Behind the Music


"But, you know, Stevie is in a really good place, and there was something good about it. You just have to keep watching yourself to make sure that you don't get petty. I went in and I tried to make nice,
and it wasn't hard. It's sweet, it's nostalgic; you could cry over it if you
let yourself.''

-[Lindsey] Billboard Magazine August 16, 1997


" We're appreciating each other as musicians and as a fivesome that is greater than the sum of its parts. The chemistry when we joined was Stevie and I as a couple, John and Chris as a couple, and this extra guy. And that chemistry was torn apart by dysfunction and disunity. "

-[Lindsey] Microsoft Music Central


" Time and distance helped, and refocusing. "

-[Lindsey] Microsoft Music Central


"It's a truthful reconveining , it's a truthful feel of everyone having healed."

-[Lindsey] VH1 Behind the Music


 "In my heart, I knew that final show was the one that we would use, and I paced myself emotionally. Something clicked as we started to play that night. The magic was there again, only we weren't mad at each other anymore. I looked into Lindsey's eyes during so many of the songs, and the tears came. It was uncontrollable. And it was a beautiful night for us and everyone in the audience. "
-[Stevie] Billboard, August 8, 1997


"Chain keep us together."

-[Lindsey] VH1 Behind the Music


" Ironically, because of where I'm at and where she's at, it's almost like I'm seeing the Stevie I used to live with."

-[Lindsey] Microsoft Music Central


" We're more similar to the way we were when we first joined Fleetwood Mac."

-[Stevie] Microsoft Music Central


"This was like the girl I used to live with again. And it was no longer bittersweet, like it had been for so long, it was just sweet."

-[Lindsey] VH1 Behind the Music


"It's been surprisingly pleasurable."

-[Lindsey] Billboard Magazine August 16, 1997


"You know, when Lindsey and I go back and forth on the songs that were written between the two of us, for that moment, we are back in love again. "
-[Stevie] BAM Magazine, August 22, 1997


"No matter what, some of that chemistry will always be there. It's just getting channeled into the performance without being so destructive or without being such a personal assault. For all of us, that 12 years I was in the band was kind of an exercise in emotional denial. "

-[Lindsey] Rolling Stone August 27, 1997


"So we're taking it one step at a time."

-[Lindsey] Microsoft Music Central


"Some people only dream of the magic we've made - and then we get to revisit it and to build upon it. That is truly a blessing.''

-[Stevie] Billboard Magazine August 16, 1997


"You and I could have gotten together, and it could have been prickly or gotten off on a different foot. It used to be bittersweet and now it's just sweet, because there's not this underlying thing. Now it's kinda sweet, these two kids who came here... "

-[Lindsey] Microsoft Music Central


"Lindsey deals with me on a much kinder level. And I'm more willing to be open with him. It's nice to think I might go to my grave being Lindsey's friend and not a thorn in his side for all eternity. "
-[Stevie] Daily News, August 12, 1997


"I think some people are probably getting the impression that we are back together or something along those lines. Which is certainly not true. Not yet, anyway. You never know. I don't forsee that at all. But you know, things…"

-[Lindsey] Rolling Stone October 30, 1997


"Over my dead body. See I don't want to be part of all that darkness. He knows that. When we're up there singing songs to eachother, we probably say more to eachother than we ever would in real life."

-[Stevie] Rolling Stone October 30, 1997


"God, that was totally tongue-in-cheek on my part - and I assume Stevie’s response was, too."

-[Lindsey] Guitar World Acoustic December 1997


``There'll be some arguments, there always are,'' Nicks says of the pending tour, ``but no one would be so stupid as to jeopardize this now that it's finally happening.''

-[Stevie] Knight-Ribber Tribune Times Wire


"Even if Lindsey and I were to totally fall in love again, get married, and get divorced, we would never let it go to that negative place again. We're just too wise now."

-[Stevie] Microsoft Music Central


"I know that Lindsey and I have to spend a lot more time together. Our Karma says we have to spend a lot of time togeher. We have to be in a band for a hundred years more."

-[Stevie] VH1 Behind the Music


"Lindsey and I, y'know, we have something very special. We decided to do this a long long time ago, we fought for it. We have a pot of gold we were searching for together and we never gave up until we got it. So now that's a pretty good thing. Now the two of us can link arms and walk out on stage and say to everyone without saying it, 'We worked very hard for this. We gave up everything for this.' And we still really like eachother."

-[Stevie] VH1 Behind the Music


``This bond between us is too strong now to ever fully walk away from."

-[Stevie] Knight-Ribber Tribune Times Wire


"Yeah...we bring out the corn in each other. "

-[Lindsey] Guitar World