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Songs Lindsey and Stevie Wrote to Eachother

"Music is a means of expression that rings truer and
is more connected to things inside than speech."

-Lindsey Buckingham


Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks used their songs to communicate their feelings towards eachother. Even now, they will both agree, it is the strongest way they will communicate. Some songs are known in fact that they were written for the other, while others are speculated. Therefore, while some of these songs are KNOWN to be about the person, others COULD be. After reading interpretations to them, I decided to include the songs in question, because they could have multiple meanings. NOTE- the titles in blue are hyperlinks to its MIDI.

There has been a bit of an unintended stir over the songs which could be about Lindsey or Stevie. I've decided to keep the controversial songs up until I hear anything from Lindsey or Stevie themselves, by having Ginny email me via her email address. Also, I am aware of the spacing problems in some of the songs; this is due to the MANY bugs within my HTML creator and is presently un-fixable. Sorry.

These lyrics are reprinted without permission of the copyright holders. They are reprinted for non-profit purposes. Copyright information is listed for each song respectivly.

Written By Stevie Nicks

Written By Lindsey Buckingham